Cost for your home septic improvement project - Delaware Septic Financing Is Available

Do you need help finacing a new system in Delaware? See the information below to apply for the The Delaware Septic Rehabilitation Loan Program. Get started early today and complete our form to request your Delaware consultation by Gill Septic.

Complete septic insulation The Delaware Septic Rehabilitation Loan Program provides low-interest financing to replace failing septic systems and cesspools with on-site wastewater disposal systems that will function in an environmentally sound and cost effective manner. The program also provides funding for new septic construction and costs associated with connecting to central sewer systems. Apply Today: LEARN MORE

Clean Water State Revolving Fund (CWSRF)

How To Apply For Delaware Clean Water State Revolving Fund

Delaware new law - all cess pools have to go - protecting our waterways! Delaware Community Septic System Outreach - helping homeowners take advantage of the Clean Water State Revolving Fund (CWSRF) Septic System Rehabilitation Program. Read More

Gill Septic Construction" - Septic Design - Septic Installation - Repairs of Delaware, USA. We service home owners & business in Delaware by providing all the necessary repairs to pass the CLASS H INSPECTION. We handle all the new septic permit work, septic design installation according to Delaware state regulations & leave a clean site. We Get The Job Done Right The First Time. 100% Guarenteed

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Gill Septic Construction Does All The Repairs To Ensure Your System Passes The Class H Inspection. We work with Home Sellers & Home Buyers To Ensure Your Property Is Up To Date Will A State Approved Working Septic System. We do all the Septic permit work from installing a Eco friendly septic system from installing new septic tanks, all types of Class H Repairs, &/or repairing drain fields so that your system works healthy as Delaware state requires it to do so.

Approximately 25 million homes across the US rely on their septic tank to treat their home wastewater. Including over 70,000 working septic system in Delaware, USA serving families across the state. Protect your family and neighbors by ensuring your system is in good working order.

With proper care and regular maintenance from a reliable Septic Company, your septic tank will last for years. Each septic tank is custom-sized to the household and needs to be kept free of harsh chemicals to operate at maximum efficiency. Become septic smarter by visiting SEPTIC H INSPECTION.COM

Why Choose Us?

  • Over 35 Years of Experience
  • Fully Insured & Licenced
  • A family-owned business tradition for over 35 years
  • Our prices are affordable & we offer the experience you can trust! We work with real estate agents, home sellers & home buyers.
  • Gill Septic Installation is a Dover based septic company dedicated to serving Delaware commerical business and residential communities.
  • We work with Home Sellers & Home Buyers To Ensure Your Property Is Up To Date Will A State Approved Working Septic System
  • Septic Home Improvement Finacing Is Available
  • Need A Consultation? - If you've got a Delaware septic repair problem, we've got the solution for the job
  • Satisfied Customers
  • Great customer service - we look forward to hearing from you today!
  • Best Price In Town
  • Gill Septic is an excavating Delaware contractor serving Kent, New Castle & Sussex Countie - Give us the work and we have all the equipment
  • 5 Star Delaware Septic Contruction Contractor
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Our Services

New Septic Design Construction
It is important to our state to keep your septic system UP TO DATE! CLEAN WATER ACT - act today if you have a failing septic tank. Delaware has programs to those that qualify.

Community Septic System Outreach - The Community Outreach Initiative identifies low- and moderate-income homeowners in the Chesapeake and Inland Bay Watersheds that may need financial assistance to replace failed and/or failing septic systems. :

Need For Information? Contact Gill Septic we would love to work with you on your newest septic project! Please fill out our secured contact form so we can reply back to you within 3-5 business days. Make your appointment now:

New Septic Design Construction

Septic Installation, Drain Field Repair providing installation and repairing of all types of septic systems in Delaware. We install Eco-friendly septic systems. We are fully licensed and insured, 35 plus years of experience & training. We do all the permit work so you don't have to. Septic System Rehabilitation Program: Read More About Delaware Governor concerns of clean water click here. Septic design system. More about our contruction our septic services

Home Septic Improvement

Home Septic Improvement

We work with home buyers, home sellers, Realtors, & Delaware State Counties to make sure your estate is up to par with DE regulations for resale and/or provide a septic improvement service. Don't hesitate to ask for a quote. Depending on the condition of the septic, and your budget, we will work with your budget and we will offer you many options for septic repair ranging from simple repairs to repairing drain fields or restoring septic drain fields. *Free Estimates are handled in the matter they come to us.

contractor eco-friendly septic systems

Have a Delaware sepic problem? Give us a call. We install eco-friendly septic systems

Gill's Construction & Gill's septic repair services Kent, Sussex, and New Castle counties. Started in 1982, we have over 30 years of professional construction experience, & we strive to provide these skills to our customers. Your household size determines the size of the septic tank you need. If the septic tank is too small, it can flood the drain field and cause other problems like poisoning the local water supply, clogging the drain field, or causing a back up in the septic system. We fix failing drain fields & design systems & more.

Delaware sewer contractor

Complete septic or Delaware sewer line connection

It is important to maintain a septic system that works right. If you've got a Delaware septic repair problem, we've got the solution for the job. We offer general contractor work including septic to sewer line connections, septic repair, septic installed, drain field repairs, driveway pipe repairs, and more. We take price in our business as family owned and can handle such problems that don't work right with speed and attention to detail.

Delaware City Sewer Connections

Other Service Gill Septic Provides

Grading and excavation, Back-filling, Demolition, Sewer system repairs, Home and Industrial Excavating Construction, Land/Lot Clearing & Basin, Back-filling, and Culvert Clean-outs. We can discuss with you about serving your home exterior construction problems. Add functionality and curb appeal to your business or home with our functionality contruction ability to your home or business with services from our company.

Dover, Delaware Septic Systems

Delaware Septic Systems

We will acquire your septic permit. All 4 steps: help with septic inspection, soil evaluation, system design, final permit and complete system installation. Best Price in Town. Call us direct at (302) 270-9166 to text us or talk to us for a free estimate today. Why Delaware takes pride in cleaning up their waterways. Delaware has checked virtually all of its more than 2,500 miles of rivers, streams, creeks, and ponds. It is important to maintain a septic system or sewer line that works right. It is Important to our state to keep your septic system UP TO DATE! TOP

Customer Reviews

Kent County DE, complete septic tank system install

"Upon moving to Kent Couty Delaware from NJ I needed a complete septic tank system install in my new home. My real estate agent contacted Gill Septic & within the time frame the crew install new tank & left a clean site."

- Ione M.
failed septic system repair

"As a real estate agent I call Gill Septic to get a quote on a failed septic system for homeowners needing to sell their homes. Mr. Ed Gill always gives me a round about cost to repair it & I give the estimate to the home owner."

- Jane S.
repair and replaced my old septic tank

"Gill Septic had repair and replaced my old septic tank and drain field back in 2001. I highly recommend his service. His crew was pleasant, and they did the job according to DE water protection state laws."

- John Mac.
drain field repaired

"I have bought an estate from a family that lived in Magnolia Delaware area that needed the drain field repaired. Not only did Gill Septic repaired my septic drain field but they were able to do a ditch clean out with their heavy-duty equipment."

- Johnathan M.
water laying ontop of my septic tank

"I had notice my backyard had water laying ontop of my septic tank area. After making an appointment for Gill Septic to look it over - I had them fix the problem. "

- Johnny Ice
septic system inspected

"I was looking to buy some property in Magnolia DE area. After having the septic system inspected my real estate agent ask me to call Gill Septic for a septic inspection referral & quote on replacing septic since the system failed inspection. His quote was affordable so I bought the property and had them fix the problems. I was very satisfied."

- Marty F.


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It is important to maintain a sewer system that works right. If you're interested in connecting your Delaware septic system to your city sewer connection - we've got the solution for the job. We offer contracting work including connecting your system to your city line. Each county has different regulations. We take price in our business as family owned and can handle serving you with attention to detail. We strive to get the job done right!

Stories of Progress in Achieving Healthy Waters in Dover Delaware. Read More.

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